Review: Intimate Surrender by Laura Landon

isIntimate Surrender by Laura Landon is a very moving tale about a woman who comes back from terrible misfortune.

I have been a fan of Laura’s work fro some time now. She tends to pluck unusual women out of thin air and make them fit into a situation that is so out of their realm, it’s hard to believe they will be able to withstand the torment. Intimate Surrender is no different.

The lead character Hannah has such a tragic upbringing, you fear for her life from the very first page. Hannah is the child of an angry, elitist Christian father who abandons her after she is raped by another supposedly devote Christian man. Why is it that so called “Holy Men” can make heavenly excuses for themselves when they have succumbed to evil? And how dare a man of the cloth, who has raped a poor young girl, blame her for the evil he has perpetrated?

When I read the beginning of this book, I was so angry at those who hurt Hannah, so irritated by those who pretended to be a part of the church, that I had to find out what Hannah planned to do about it. Unfortunately, I did not see her exact revenge on those who had wronged her. Instead, I found that Hannah had survived how she could – through prostitution – and then spent her life saving other girls who had been used and cast into the street for dead. Although my modern sensibilities had to struggle with this, I realize this would have been one of her only options in that time period.

When Hannah and Rafe met, I was so happy to see her finally free of her demons. Here was a good, kind man who saw her as just a lady, a girl who would be his to love, protect, and save from the skeletons in her closet. But Rafe had his own past that didn’t seem to mesh with Hannah’s in any way.

Rafe, being a Vicar, has a gift to listen and speak to people who need comfort and to find joy in their lives. In the past, he always helped those who were on the straight and narrow. Those who, without him, would probably go on to live normal lives. But when he is able to help those cast out by society, those that others would call hopeless sinners, he finally feels like he can make a difference in life. Loving Hannah, is just a bonus. But can either of them put their pasts aside and just give in to the love they have for each other?

I would recommend this book to any woman who’s been through rape to give them inspiration to overcome their past. Those of you who are against reading any sort of sexual violence, are deeply religious, or not able to read religious viewpoints, may not like this. I felt a little cheated that Hannah didn’t get to take revenge on those who wronged her as a child, but I understand that she just wanted to be free of them and help others in her situation. For those of you not of Christian faith, the religious overtones in this book may be a little too much for you to enjoy.

Despite all the difficulties and uncomfortable topics this book covers, when you are done, you will feel like you were right down in the gutter with them, clawing your way out of the sewer. And when they at last taste success, you will feel like you prevailed as well.

Laura seems to have a diverse talent that makes each one of her books different, each one a sparkling gem on her charm bracelet of work. Romances are so often formulaic, but Laura’s characters and settings make you forget the formula and just read.

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