Review: In Love with a Wicked Man by Liz Carlyle

lwwmIn Love with a Wicked Man by Liz Carlyle is a fun romantic, steamy read.

I love the setup for this book. A strong woman in charge of a household, trying to make ends meet, crashes into an unknown stranger. She brings him back to the castle to care for him. There is a bit of the known story line there… undressing him to care for his wounds, admiring his naked body and so on, but it wasn’t overdone and it was a nice insight into the star of this book, Kate.

Kate is a lovable character you just have to root for from day one. Her estate is in trouble. She is in charge (which is rare for a woman of these times) and yet, she bears the burden quite well. Although she is troubled by her household being in the red, her and the other members of the house give you a sense of companionship and self-sacrifice that you rarely see in these sorts of books. Another rarity is Kate’s sister, who, being younger is usually painted as the flighty flibbertigibbet out for nothing but a good time. But not in this book. Little sis has her priorities straight and knows what she wants from the very start. I really liked the relationship between the sisters and how, even though they had their differences, they stuck up for each other when it counted the most.

Now, back to the tall, handsome, and wounded. When he wakes, he has amnesia, so neither party knows who he is. With his defenses down, he is afforded the rare chance of really getting to know Kate in a way I don’t think they’d ever connect otherwise. Their conversation is lively and fun to read. Their love scenes are sexy and erotic and even more fun to read. And yet, in the heat of passion, you can feel that these two really love each other, despite what their brains or logic might be telling them. I cared for these two as if I were one of them, exploring the possibility of sexual attraction, true respect, and a deeper love than either of them could wish for.

Kate’s mother coming for visit is fun. She is so different from Kate, her sister, and the family and excels at being irritating. You have to keep reading to find out what the crazy woman will do next!

Unfortunately, just as Kate and Edward start to get cozy, he recalls some of his memory and knows they can never have a future. With house guests showing up by the droves, Kate doesn’t even have time to discuss the situation with Edward before her mother welcomes her ex-fiancee into the bunch. What a horrible, full-of-himself, grimy, cad. And he is supposed to be the gentleman of the group? I had a hard time reading his scenes because he was just so slimy. I wanted to deck him, but I was also interested to see how Edward would react to the idiot. By mid-book, the situation is so messed up, you don’t know how it will ever get sorted out. I read the last half of the book all night – into the morning, holding my breath for the outcome, which I wouldn’t dare tell you.

In Love with a Wicked Man by Liz Carlyle is available now at Amazon for Kindle and print.


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