Review: Pirates and Prejudice by Kara Louise

PiratesPirates and Prejudice was a delightful, pirate-y take on the adventures of our favorite couple. Starting shortly after the proposal debacle at Rosings, this book places Darcy in rough shape on the docks of London. He’s let himself go and has sunk into the worst mood. It’s definitely not the normal arrogant, pride-filled gentleman we’re used to. When he’s forced into “for the crown” piracy, we get to see our hero transformed into an ARGGH!-saying, sword wielding, tough guy.

Elizabeth on the other hand has taken a trip with Mr. Bennett to see his ailing sister in the Isles of Sicily. While visiting family, Elizabeth becomes acquainted with her cousins Melanie and David. Everyone in the family thinks David is a fine catch for Elizabeth and she begins to think so too. But can David’s pleasantness take place of Darcy’s irksome place in Elizabeth’s heart? Before either of them can find out, Elizabeth is kidnapped by pirates and the real fun begins!

I adored Darcy in this. Even though he had to go against a lot of his normal instincts, being pushed outside of his comfort level was fun to watch. Some of my favorite parts involved Darcy learning to talk and act like a pirate.

One of my favorite side characters is Mr. Bennett and we get to see a lot of him here. My favorite new character is a pirate named Bellows. Even the evil enemy Lockerly is fun to watch. Jane, Bingley, Georgianna and the rest of the Bennett’s are seen as well, with cameos by Wickham, Miss Bingley and the dreaded Lady Catherine.

During the pirate kidnapping scenes there were several enjoyable moments I’ll not disclose to ruin your fun, but be assured, you will enjoy this book.

This is a must read for any Austen fan and another gem in Kara’s crown as queen of Austen Variations.

Pirates and Prejudice is available at and for those of you who prefer audio listening, it’s now in audiobook!


One thought on “Review: Pirates and Prejudice by Kara Louise

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