Review: A Man Above Reproach by Evelyn Pryce

manaboveA Man Above Reproach won the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in 2013, an award granted to promote and publish the manuscript of an unknown or unpublished author.

This book was every bit as good as one you might pick up on the bookshop shelves and I would say better than most. For those of you looking for a good Jane Austen time period, Darcy book, I highly recommend this.

The Duke of Lennox is one of those yummy, tall, dark, handsome leading men with a scary demeanor that turns most suitable women off. When he goes to a whorehouse with his best friend, Nick, he falls in love with the piano player who people call BB, or the Blue Stocking. He can’t seem to get her out of his head and although most gentlemen go to the house to meet and train their future mistresses, he has different ideas in mind.

Thankfully, this once famous rouge has a one woman plan in mind, but BB can’t or won’t cooperate. I love how he unravels who she is and every time he thinks he’s at the bottom of things, she has a new secret to reveal. BB is a relate-able gal who has tons of depth and purpose. I really enjoyed reading about her. I kept hoping she would realize that Lennox merited her trust and that she deserved his quality of love.

Nick and his “mistress” Sally were also lovable sidekicks for these two lead characters. I thought the ending was tied up nice with no loose strings. My only thought is that the villains conquered quite easily.

I love when authors put letters or journals in books and this one had a few. The best part of her letter was that the author left in the scratched-out parts of the letter, like when BB wrote a line, crossed it out, and wrote another, you could read how her mind worked. It was funny and I wish more books did this.

This is a great book, perfect for any Darcy or Jane Austen lover in which the author also deals with women’s rights-without being too preachy. Lovely.

A Man Above Reproach is available at Amazon in print, Kindle, and audio formats.

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