Review: When the Marquess Met His Match by Laura Lee Guhrke

marquessWhen the Marquess Met his Match by Laura Lee Guhrke was a fun surprise from Avon Books.

Wounded by her deceased husband’s betrayal, Belinda Featherstone is sure she will never marry again. She’s dedicated herself to matchmaking young, rich, American girls to deserving English gentleman in an attempt to make sure what happened to her never happens to these young misses.

When she meets the Marquess of Turnbridge, you feel she’s finally met her match. Not that she couldn’t match him, there are plenty of beauties ready to take him on, but how can she marry off someone who is just like her deceased husband? Determined to thwart his plan of marrying one of the unsuspecting ladies just to get her money, Belinda takes him on as a client, throwing him in the company of every annoying miss she can find. But there’s something she doesn’t know, he’s fallen for her.

Nicholas is a misunderstood rake that has be tortured by his father his entire life. From where he goes to college, to who he marries, everything has been governed by the old wretch. Trying to break free of his cage, Nick goes to Belinda for help, but this also throws away any chance he has to get back in his father’s good graces.

I loved how this story unfolded. Belinda is a hurt, shy, self-conscious woman who shows an outward appearance of control and propriety. She has such high morals standards and protects her matchmaking girls better than she does herself.

I liked seeing a nobleman who wasn’t afraid to do a little hard work to gain the respect of his lady. It was fun watching her open up to him slowly and allow him to see her tender insides. He allowed her to experience the passion that she’d never realized in her marriage. This was a great book about second chances.

I enjoyed listening to Nicholas and Belinda talk. They were two very distinct characters who held their ground in a way that they began to respect each other. There was misunderstanding, bribery, and fist fights, but in the end, the right people got together in a way that was fun and enjoyable to read. If you like the movie The Buccaneers, you may enjoy this book, although I think this book was much better.

This is the first book I’ve read by Laura Lee Guhrke, but I look forward to more.


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