Review: The Trouble with Being a Duke by Sophie Barnes

dukeThe Trouble with Being a Duke by Sophie Barnes is a wonderful Cinderella-esque tale with a delicious turn of events that keeps you wondering just how our two lovers will reconnect.

Isabella wants to attend the Kingsbourgh Ball, a dance she’s been watching from her home a short distance away (like Audrey Hepburn’s Sabrina) dreaming of a day when she could go. Since the opportunity never presents itself, she must make her own plans. She lucks out when she finds it’s a masquerade. Using an old ball gown from her attic and a mask that covers her features, she attends the ball without her parent’s knowledge.

Anthony, the Duke, attends the ball thinking he won’t find anyone different or interesting to dance with, but when he meets the mystery masked woman, he has a sudden fascination he can’t put aside. When she leaves the ball prematurely, he feels compelled to find her and won’t stop until he does.

This is a lovely little “true love” sort of novel with several mysteries and a bad girl who loves to confuse matters. Fun read and a must for any Cinderella lover.


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