Review: To Wed in Scandal by Liana LeFey

towedinscandalTo Wed in Scandal by Liana LeFey was a really nice change from other stories I’ve read about society girls getting caught with their skirts up. When I read the title, I thought, oh great, another girl compromised and having to wed because of being pregnant or being forced into marriage by some blackguard. The story was pleasantly not about that.

Sabrina is a society girl recently come out in London who needs to find a husband, but unlike most of her counterparts, she is not foolishly looking for true love. She wants a man that she can tolerate and NOT be in love with because she witnessed how her father’s philandering ways hurt her mother. She knows that every man in society will keep mistresses, and if she must put up with this, she must find a man she cares little about. She can have the two-timing jerk’s heir and then live out her life peacefully at their home with the children, and her heart will never be broken.

Her plan all goes down the drain when she actually feels herself desire a man. She does everything she can to put him away from her. She courts many gentlemen, attempts to marry a few, but he is the only one that makes her enjoy a kiss, a touch, maybe more. Angry that he makes her feel, she pushes him away from her.

In her attempt to marry someone she’s not very fond of, she entangles herself with a murderous, evil fellow who she may lose her life to. Thus the scandal ensues and you don’t know until the very end of the book how all of it will play out. Very interesting to finally find out who her suitor (and rescuer) will be.

The evil guy was the perfect nemesis for such a strong female lead. I was also impressed by one of the female side character’s strength in overcoming fear to set right a wrong. Usually in these sorts of tales the females just have to take what is dished out – victims who are not allowed justice. I’d like to see more of her story in a new book.

Sabrina experiences many moments of ecstasy in this book, both physically and mentally as different suitors try to make her take the marriage leap. A man who knows exactly how to inspire her makes this read a delicious, sexy, romp through new love and discovery.

I thoroughly enjoyed this tale.


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