Review: Silent Revenge by Laura Landon

silentLaura Landon is one of the best regency authors out there. The first time I found her, I devoured three novels in a week. I always love how her stories make you feel as if you are sitting in the room with the characters, and Silent Revenge is no different.

Laura is such a pro at outlining the life of an outcast in such and easy, quick way. You feel for Jessica from the moment she appears, even before you find out she’s deaf. The author has an excellent gift of being able to make you feel just as trapped and alone as Jessica must feel. I really felt the fear and desperation that Jessica must have felt, being in the company of those that could hear and feeling like at any moment her freedom could be taken away from her. The fear of being trapped in an institution in those days must have been great indeed.

This book contains THE BEST hero entrance—one to rival Mr. Darcy at the Meryton Assembly rooms! It must have been 2-3 pages of his entering, the crowd responding, all activity stopping to behold his handsome, but deadly, figure…I don’t think I breathed till the music began again.

The ultimate hero, Simon has that sort of angry, commanding tone that makes people shake in their boots, and yet Jessica can stand toe to toe with him. Jessica’s inability to hear was a major part of the book, but it wasn’t overplayed. I thought the author did a good job of portraying Jessica as a strong female lead even with her disability. The fact that Simon could stand toe to toe with her was just as surprising. I really enjoyed living out their tale with them and finding in the end they could overcome their individual issues to have a loving life together.



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