Review: An English Bride in Scotland by Lynsay Sands

englishbrideAn English Bride in Scotland by Lynsay Sands is a fun adventure from beginning to end. Although I really don’t go for the Scottish guy romance novels because of all the caveman crap—sling girl over shoulder, toss her in the hay, and all she’s good for is for pleasure and following orders. I gave this one a chance because I liked the description.

Annabel was really a lovable heroine as the lady who hasn’t been in his world and is suddenly slung into the marriage—and the marriage bed. She’s very practical about everything. She has the “Well, I haven’t been taught this, but I’ll figure it out!” attitude and I like that in a heroine instead of the o-woe-is-me shtick.

The beginning of this book catches you so fast, you just have to know what happens. I love Ross and his cohorts. His castle servants even pull at my heart strings.

The love scenes in this book are graphic, but loving in a way you would hope your husband would treat you. If only men would read this puppy, and take notes! Again, contrasting with other Scottish romances, Ross is kind and fair—not demanding. He shows his passion, but it’s in a way that makes you think he really cares for the lady.

As for the villain of this book, I totally did not know who it was till the end and I like being surprised like that. Great read!


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