Review: The Highway Man by Kerrigan Byrne

highwayThe Highway Man by Kerrigan Byrne is a book for those of you looking for that dangerous man in black. A great, sexy read that isn’t the same ole’ damsel in distress tale. This book was packed full of action for me and I spent a couple nights up late devouring the text to find out what would happen.

Farah is a strong, smart woman working for Scotland Yard when she encounters a dangerous criminal who changes her life forever. The memory of a deceased childhood friend bent on nefarious deeds draws her to the big bad wolf with an unstoppable curiosity.

Dorian is an evil criminal who’s killed countless men in pursuit of his fortune. Now at the top of his game, with allies in the police force and no one brave enough to cross him, he can have everything he wants-except perhaps Farah. Something always stands in Dorian’s way of getting her in his bed. Is it Farah’s boss, the police inspector, who’s asked her to marry him? Or the memory of her lost childhood love? Or perhaps it’s Dorian’s own misgivings about spoiling such a wholesome woman.

This is an unpredictable tale that takes you through London’s underworld and into the home of the most notorious criminal alive. What happens behind those walls will have you titillated to the point of madness. I really enjoyed the intimate scenes although parts of them were uncomfortable for the characters. I loved Dorian’s weaknesses as much as his strengths. Even when I thought I knew what was going to happen, I was surprised by the way it transpired.

The side characters were lovable despite their disreputable occupations. My favorite was Murdoch, a gentlemen who, regardless of his master’s issues, stuck by him. His Scottish brogue and personality made for fun reading. I enjoyed watching Dorian struggle with his weaknesses and overcome some of them to a degree in the end. I’d love to read a sequel.


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