Review: To Capture a Rake by Lori Brighton

rakeUnlike any period fiction I’ve read before, To Capture a Rake, is fresh, exciting and super erotic. I had no idea cracking this puppy open would bring me new perspective on bordellos, but I enjoyed it immensely. For those of you who do not like much sex in your period romances, this is definitely not for you. Prepare to be titillated!

Gideon isn’t so much a rake as a prostitute. He’s familiar with society only because he’s bedded most of the ladies involved. He’s the bad boy at the house and tends to order his customers around. They don’t complain. He’s also being held there against his will because of some dark secret we don’t learn about until the end of the book.

Elizabeth isn’t the sort of gal that frequents whore houses, but she goes there because of her husband’s dying wish. Her reasoning behind hiring Gideon out is not fully explored until the end of the book as well, which keeps you guessing on her real motives.

My first impression of this book was that the sexual undertones start at the beginning and don’t stop. I found myself on page 20 thinking, “Wow… she’s written in an intense sexual manner for 20 pages, it can’t possibly last.” But almost every page evokes the longing of both Gideon and Elizabeth to be together in some sort of naughty embrace. I was also impressed with the length of each love scene. Sometimes 4-6 pages of description will not disappoint!

I liked all the twists and turns in the story line, as they weren’t immediately evident. I also enjoyed that the man was the one being hired out this time instead of some poor girl who’d gotten herself in trouble. The fact that both of them were from outside of society was new, too.


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