Review: A Risk Worth Taking by Laura Landon

riskLaura Landon brings us another awesome romance from the Regency period. What I like most about Landon’s characters is that they have flaws that people still grapple with today.

In A Risk Worth Taking, she deals with alcoholism, which in my mind has always been a modern disease. When I think of “drunkard” I think of friends I’ve known who’ve checked into rehab and weren’t seen again until they were supposedly all cured. I never think of doctors and sickbeds being a part of Regency England. I haven’t read any other time period book where the doctors of old are trying to cure the disease like we do today, with steps and compassion.

Griff is an alcoholic by choice, tempting the fates that be to end his life for him. He’s suffered greatly at the loss of his wife and child. He tried to end his life in the war, by risking everything to save the lives of his unit. Now, he’s back home and trying to end his life in a more civilized, though destructive manner, by drink.

Anne is the last person you would think would give Griff a chance. She grew up with an alcoholic father and can tell right away Griff also has the tendency to drink himself into oblivion. What she doesn’t know is, he’s a good guy at heart. When her brother dies, leaving her penniless, his best friend, Griff, comes to the rescue. He pays her way to London society so she can find a husband to take her on. His friend’s dying words, “Take care of Anne!” push him into a responsibility he does not want.

I loved watching this love story unfold. It came about in such a natural way, but with so much piled against them. It was difficult for me to read certain passages because the alcoholism was so real at times. Great job of the author – making it so real! If you know someone who’s gone through this, it might be difficult for you too. If you haven’t, this book gives excellent insight on how they feel and the trauma they go through when trying to quit.


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