Book Giveaway: Robert W. Malloy’s Journal by Emmy Z. Madrigal

RJFrontCoverJPGThis blog was created in anticipation for my Regency novella, Lord Harrington’s Lost Doe, coming out in 2016. However, if you also enjoy a good modern romance, check out my Sweet Dreams Musical Romance Series.

The series revolves around a poor high school senior, Victoria, who falls in love with a rich talent manager, Rob. She’s an aspiring singer and happens to bump into Rob at the airport on Christmas day. From the moment they meet, they’re drawn together. Rob and Victoria battle social class lines, parental disapproval, and ghosts from their pasts to prove their love is meant to last. Books 1-3 are available in print or eBook version.

The newest installment of Sweet Dreams is Rob’s private journal involving the events that take place in the first novel, Sweet Dreams.

“You know Robert Malloy as the sexy business man who swept Victoria Knox off her feet. Here’s a glimpse into his thoughts with the unauthorized publication of his personal journal. What does he really think about Victoria and those intimate moments spent together? Experience Sweet Dreams exclusively through Rob’s eyes, uncensored.”

Just like the authors who write from Darcy’s point of view, I wanted this novelette to give readers a glimpse into what Rob was thinking from before he met Victoria, to the day he had to say goodbye to her at the airport as book one ends.

Robert W. Malloy’s Journal is available now in print and eBook. I’m having a special contest running until January 25th, 2016. You can enter to win a print version of the book if you help me promote a little. Here’s how:

  1. Click this link to go to the book @
  2. Share the book on your favorite social media site (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/G+, etc…) with the tagline “I wanna read all of Rob’s secrets.”
  3. Tag me on the post so I can see your support. If unable to tag, send me a link showing your support by email: or display it on a comment below.

One winner will receive a print copy of the signed book! Good luck!






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