Review: The Birthday Scandal by Leigh Michaels

bsFor those of you who enjoy Regency Romance, you are going to love this one. My favorite thing about The Birthday Scandal is that it is not just a love story between two people, but between many different couples. The author superbly weaved all of the love stories together expertly. I really didn’t know which one I liked best.

The women in this book were not the simpering fools a lot of Regency novels try to make them out to be. They each had their own sort of independence and although the men were dominate, they did not overpower the female roles when it came to character.

There were parts of this book that might be a little too erotic for some readers, but I enjoyed it fully. It was also funny to see the British characters make fun of…or tease the American “farm boy” when little did they know he was a rich man. The exploration of the differences between American and British in that age was really fun to read. I’ve also never quite seen a dandy played out the way Leigh crafted it. The story between Isabel and her husband was so heart-wrenchingly awkward and yet, to find them able to work through it and explore their true passions was exciting. I didn’t know if I should like them being together or not, but in the end I think they won me over.

My favorite character was Emily, who had such a strong spirit despite being somewhat innocent. To have such guts after living through what she had was great to see. Of the men, Gavin had the most appeal, but I’m somewhat a sucker for the outcast and seeing the odd man out convince the others he’s just as good despite his background.

A genuine great read!


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