Review: Intimate Deception by Laura Landon

idIntimate Deception is NOT your mother’s regency novel. This book has more steamy scenes than any I’ve read before. Still, author Laura Landon makes the scenes tender and romantic at the same time. I am more of a fan of her work with every new novel of hers I read.

Grace is trapped in horrible situation. There is a lecherous “Mr. Collins”-like character that is trying to marry her sisters and to keep them safe, Grace promises him herself. Once they are all married off and safe, Grace has to do something to free herself from the binding agreement. She asks her friend, a society gal—turned brothel Madame, to set her up as one of her girls for just one night so she can lose her virginity and be free. Her only stipulation? The man cannot be married.

Madame just happens to know a good man for her best friend, Victor. The night commences, *hot* bedtime activities do ensue, but when Victor finds out Grace is a virgin instead of a working girl, he tracks her down. Every wife he’s impregnated has died and he feels tricked and doomed when he finds Grace is pregnant.

This steamy tale of two people shoved together in such an intimate way on the first night they meet becomes a love story that you can’t help but gobble up. Victor’s guilt makes him the perfect tragic hero. He and Grace navigate the dangerous waters of enemies trying to kill them, her possible death during childbirth, and finding out they truly care for each other. You will be wowed by the passionate, smexy scenes and touched by the characters revealing their hearts to one another page by page.


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