Review: She Wore Only White by Dorthe Binkert

woreAlthough this is mainly a Regency blog, I know some of you enjoy good Edwardian tales as well and especially those that take place on ships. Anyone who loves a story like Titanic where the author lets you eavesdrop on the lives of many different classes aboard a ship, will love this book. She Wore Only White is written in the classic way, so you feel like you are reading an older novel like The Great Gatsby or something by Dickens. Also keep in mind this is a translated book, written by a native German speaker. However, I found this translation to be very well done.

The book opens when a great beauty wearing only a white ball gown and diamonds boards with no luggage and no identity. She is a mystery to everyone, even the reader, for a great portion of the book and I wouldn’t dare give the secret away.

I will say this book is more about character sketches than plot. As with many books translated from another language, this book may put off readers who are native to the English tongue because of the inevitable reiteration that occurs with translation.

Still, it is a great read if you’re looking for one of those classic BBC mini-series dramas that unfold slowly. I was also particularly taken with the snippets of interviews from different people on the ship which hint at something happening, but you don’t truly know what that thing is until later.

To be clear, this book is not about the Titanic, but the ship will remind you of that story in almost every detail.


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