Review: Love Lasts Longest by Rose Fairbanks

Ylllou know what I love? Austen variations. And you know what I love even more? Finding a book that has a lot of them in short-story form.

Love Lasts Longest is a great short-story anthology of Rose Fairbanks’ what if’s.  I’ve not read such a great combination of variations placed in one book.

So, we all know the Pride and Prejudice story. We really don’t need all the backstory when reading a variation, but when we read a full novel, things must be said to set it up and hopefully your variation author does a good job of outlining the differences (and nothing unneeded) straight away. But sometimes, you just want to sit around and dream of many different variations, or what if’s without all the backstory fluff. We know Darcy and Lizzy and Jane and Bingley like they are members of our own family, so why not just jump right into story?

Rose’s selection in this book ranges from Regency to modern, tame to steamy, couple related, to family related. She did a really great job of giving us a little bit of everything in here. While I love all of the stories, my favorite has to be An Ungentlemanly Manner. I’ve always wanted Darcy to stay and just spit out what he really means in the proposal scene. I hate that they both leave so much unsaid. Of course, it would have made for a much shorter book for Austen, but it’s fun to—just for a moment—pretend he stayed, explained, perhaps showed her his passion. This is just what Rose does in this story and the follow-up An Unladylike Display.

I also really enjoyed the modern variation starting with Forget Me Not State, where Darcy and Lizzy are forced to sleep in the woods in a little tent together. Very enjoyable indeed!

Every one of these stories is entertaining. Find out what would happen if Bingley sprained his ankle in the first set (as Mr. Bennett suggests). Or what if Bingley and Jane have to wed directly because of a compromising position at their first ball?

If Rose is new to you, check out this book to “get your feet wet” in her world. One read and you’ll be hooked. Now…to the Kindle shop so I can choose which of her’s I will read next.


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