Review: The Jane Austen Marriage Manual by Kim Izzo

13095237Although it took me a long time to get into The Jane Austen Marriage Manual by Kim Izzo, once it caught me, I couldn’t put it down.

When Kate loses her grandmother, her whole world turns upside down. Because of her mother’s gambling debts, she, her sister, and her mother are throw out on the streets. Kate is determined to make things right and find a home for her family, so she takes a risky magazine article assignment in which she tries to marry a rich man. You can imagine how many things can go wrong.

While chasing after millionaires and spending all of her savings to try to fit the world of the rich, she misses one very big possibility on the marriage front. Griff isn’t rich but he has a stable income and a place to call home. Plus, the chemistry is just there. But Kate needs to provide for her family and is idiotic enough to think marrying someone with money will make her life better. Scott is a millionaire who could make all her dreams come true. Sure, she’s not in love with Scott, but a modern girl has to make tough decisions in this economy.

I won’t tell you who she chooses, but I can say that this book has a lot of Pride and Prejudice moments in it. There’s a lot of grand hotels, snobby socialites, and rich men playing polo. There is also fun to be found in a well-built groomsmen.

I think the reason I had such a hard time getting into this book is because the beginning is rather depressing. Her grandmother dies and other situations in her life seem almost unbearable. If you can make it past the initial gloomy beginning, this is a great tale, especially if you are into fashion. The male lead is yummy enough to keep you hanging on (sort of a grungy Mr. Darcy) and although the lead character is hard to like, all her supporting characters are interesting.


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