Lord Harrington’s Lost Doe Winner! #ilovemrgrumpy

Last week, I excitedly announced my first Regency book,
Lord Harrington’s Lost Doe
which is available now!

I also offered a contest where you could win your very own copy of Lord Harrington’s Lost Doe along with a special edition favor pack! Thank you to all of you who played and shared!

The winner is:

Janis Barau

Congratulations Janis!

For those of you who did not win this time, don’t be discouraged, Lord Harrington (aka Mr. Grumpy) is available now in
print on Amazon and will be available in eBook in September. Subscribe for alerts and more contests to come.


LHLDNewFrontLord Alexander Harrington’s life is rather tame until a shoeless, coatless waif is found wandering his estate with no memory of who she is. Despite his stoicism, Lord Harrington finds himself drawn to the lost girl who he compares to a scared doe. Caring for her illness despite speculation of her mental state, he develops feelings for her.

Is she an escaped lunatic, or simply a lost woman desperately in need of his help? A revelation about his own family’s history with the mental asylum down the road causes him to question his feelings. When a massive fire breaks out on estate grounds, will he lose her forever?



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