Review: The Painted Fan by Elizabeth Aston

fanThe Painted Fan is another great Pride and Prejudice-inspired short story by Elizabeth Aston.

Anna is a young miss in her first season and she instantly falls for the charming and handsome Mr. Standish. He seems to be really interested in her until one day when the switch is turned off. What did she do? What was he told and why is he suddenly interested in another girl? Maybe his colleague Mr. Vere has something to do with it?

When she over hears a piece of juicy espionage, will Anna be able to use her natural quick wit to not only solve the case, but catch one of the slipperiest traitors to the crown?

I enjoyed the inquisitiveness of Anna and how even though everyone around her dismissed her as a brainless noob to high society and world affairs, she managed to prove she had brains. I was also surprised at a few twists in this book. People weren’t who or what I thought they were and that was fun in a genre flooded with predictable plots.

I have and will always be an Elizabeth Aston fan and finding these little shorts after her death was like a present reserved just for me.

What is your favorite Elizabeth Aston work?


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