Emmy’s modern love stories, with a ♪ MUSICAL ♪ twist.

Most of you know me for the Regency novel Lord Harrington’s Lost Doe, but if your interests also run to modern romance, you might be interested in my series, Sweet Dreams.

The Sweet Dreams Series contains three print works, now for sale on Amazon, and four complete audiobooks on podcast, with the 5th scheduled to finish this year. Sweet Dreams features musical-minded high school senior, Victoria Knox who runs into her soulmate one fabulous Christmas Day.

What makes Sweet Dreams different from all the romances out there? Well, several things.

sweetdreamsbignew1. The first book is only 99 cents

If you are wondering if you will like this series, the first Kindle book Sweet Dreams  is only 99 cents, not $5.99 like most novels. Not much to bargain for the chance that you will love it. Check it out, see if it’s your thing.

starstruck2. The first 4.5 books are on free audio-casts you can listen to now.

Starting with Sweet DreamsI have podcasted the first 4.5 books for your listening pleasure. With no cost to you, this is an easy way to see if you will fall in love with the characters as so many have in the past. To listen, just go to SweetDreamsNovel.com and click on the book you would like to listen to. You can listen from the site, or download all the episodes on iTunes.

Chapter one is right here if you’d like to give it a try:
Sweet Dreams, Chapter 1:

rjfrontcover3. You can depend on more books in the series.

With the first three books in print, as well as the companion piece Robert Malloy’s Journal, you can depend on the fact there will be more to read and listen to in the future. And if you can’t wait for print, you can listen to your heart’s content to the most up-to-date audio at SweetDreamsNovel.com

omtbetter4. The most musically-inspired Romance series in podcast and print.

As the first ever fiction Romance-centered podcast, Sweet Dreams is still attracting music-addicts from around the globe. Beginning in 2008, I was the only one doing an on-going romance fiction podcast. Since then, I have added 4 books, with the most recent being #5, One More Try. I plan to continue this series and launch a spin-off in the coming years.

5. Real issues and experiences. Good and bad.

tlsmallSince I began writing these in high school, they reflect the hopes and dreams of young adults with real-world situations. I didn’t hold anything back. As an adult, I’ve tried to keep the optimism of that young adult mind while bringing the fiction more up-to-date. Is some of the “star-studdedness” unrealistic? Sure. As a teen you dream of such things, but I strive to play out day-to-day situations as real as possible. I believe the relationships of young adults, what they deal with, and what trouble they can get into is real and should be played out how it happens, not with PG-13 blinders on. I feature pre-marital monogamous love and also non-monogamous situations. I deal with rape, drugs, and gang fights. I want my characters to explore the dangers and pleasures of their budding emotions.


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