Ruined Reputations Sneak Peek

A great excerpt from my friend Lela Bay’s upcoming book!

Meant to Be Press


When you read a period romance, and a young, impressionable girl is led astray, don’t you just wish someone with sense had seen it happening and stepped in? That’s the premise behind my upcoming novel, Ruined Reputations.

Of course, saving someone from their own bad behavior is more demanding — and entertaining — than anyone with such good sense could ever expect.

Since the back cover blurb is still being finalized, I’m going to be sneaky and release one of my favorite passages, which also tells a lot about the story. I’ll set the scene.

The heroine, Eleanor, discovers impetuous young Bitsy DeMontrey at an inn eloping with her French tutor. Rather than allow the girl to destroy her future, proper Eleanor takes responsibility for her.

Headstrong, Bitsy is unwilling to confess where she’s from and resists all Eleanor’s efforts to help. Eleanor is relieved when Mr. Stinson appears in pursuit. They dance…

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    Aww, thanks!

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