Review: Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson

I absolutely adore this book. I read the first couple pages of Edenbrooke over a few days, but when Marianne’s personality started showing, I was caught and could not put it down. I read chapters three-to the end and in captured anticipation.

Marianne is a country mouse who’s staying with her grumpy grandmother in Bath and being stalked by a creepy wet-mouth dude who writes bad poetry about her. Her twin, Cecily, is a city mouse so she’s off in London enjoying her season with aims to capture a rich, titled husband. Marianne is happy not to be in the society crush, but when Cecily writes to invite her to a country estate named Edenbrooke, she can’t resist.

Adventure and excitement thrill Marianne as she sets off for Edenbrooke, but when a highwayman shoots her carriage driver on the way, stealing her mother’s locket and leaving her and her maid stranded in the wilderness, it seems she may never reach the estate. Somehow Marianne finds the strength to get to an inn and even saves the carriage driver’s life.

Although she supposed to be an elegant young lady, she’s funny and adventurous and clumsy which makes her highly entertaining to read.

The gentleman in this story is unexpected and charming as well, although you aren’t quite sure who she’ll end up with in the end. The journey getting there is fun and satisfying.

There are so many gem scenes in this book, I found myself unable to take a break as I had to find out what happened next! Delightful side characters also made the tale fun and I found the family she stayed with to be refreshingly kind. Too many of the Regency upper class in books tend to be ugly self-serving jerks. The Wyndham family is completely the opposite. They are kind, compassionate, and really seem to care about their guests. There’s no talk about high society and how she doesn’t fit in, which I would assume was more the case when people came to stay with you in those days.

I really enjoyed reading this book and will look for more from this writer.


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One thought on “Review: Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson

  1. JanisB February 12, 2018 at 12:26 pm Reply

    Sounds great — looking forward to reading it!


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