Excerpt for Meant to Be…Spooked Anthology

An excerpt of my story, “Parsers and Prejudice”

Stories from the Past

I’m happy to welcome back Emmy Z. Madrigal to the blog today. She is part of the Meant to Be… short stories anthologies. Last year, Meant to Be… Kissed was featured with a guest post and excerpt. Meant to Be…Spooked is all about other-worldly love stories just in time for Halloween! Today’s excerpt is from Madrigal’s Pride and Prejudice inspired story with a futuristic twist.

From Emmy Z. Madrigal:

Have you ever wondered what it would be
like to have your very own Mr. Darcy? Yeah, me too.

In my new story “Parsers and Prejudice” I
took a different spin on the modern-day Jane Austen variations. In a future
world, where men are all but extinct, Laney falls in love with her only
companion, a male android built to meet her every need. But when a deadly virus
sweeps the bot population, she must do everything she can to…

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