Review: The Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins

I didn’t know The Perfect Match was the second book in the Blue Heron Series when I read it, but it doesn’t matter that I didn’t read the first. The author has created such a special, fun, interesting town called Manningsport and I now want to know everything about them. I didn’t feel I was missing anything by not reading the first one.

The Perfect Match is centered around one of the Holland sisters, Honor, who runs the family winery. Honor is Miss In Control and is awesome at business, but not at relationships. She’s been in love with the same Mr. Perfect most of her life, but he just sees them as friends with benefits. Tom is an adorable Englishman who has allowed his almost step-son’s happiness to overrule his own.

When Honor realizes her clock is ticking and Mr. Perfect isn’t going to give her a happy ever after, she takes a chance on a green card marriage. Tom is thankful but suspicious of her selfless act. The two soon find out that they have more in common than they thought. Their chemistry despite their differences is magnetic.

I love Honor in a way I don’t love a lot of heroines. She’s smart and organized, but also has faults like being unapproachable and severe. The writing style is fun and I enjoyed hearing Honor’s inner voice. I love the way Tom and Honor meet and interact with one another. The Holland family is entertaining in itself and when you add Tom in, there is more fun to be had. I like how Honor isn’t completely forgive and forget with her backstabbing friend. It’s really fun seeing Tom’s point of view, too. I like how Tom doesn’t like her little dog, but he tolerates the pup for her sake.

The Holland sisters are great to watch and all the characters about town make me feel like I will really get into this series. I want to know more about the sub-characters. The author does a good job of making the characters feel like real people, even if you just see a glimpse of them.

One thing I think this author does really well is getting inside the character’s head and style. I’ve since read the third one in the series and the voice in that book is completely different because you are following a different heroine.

This story has a really well-rounded storyline with lots to love.

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