Review: Love at Pemberley by Reina M. Williams

Ever wonder what happened to Georgiana, Kitty, Mary, Anne DeBurg, and Mariah Lucas after the pages of Pride and Prejudice ended? Ever wonder what kind of parents Darcy, Lizzy, Jane, and Bingley made? Then Love at Pemberley is the anthology for you. Told in four delightful short stories that link together, this book has everything you would want to know about the Pride and Prejudice ladies after Jane put down her quill.

Along with cameos from our favorites, you will also get to see the man each of these beauties ends up with. What kind of man can bring Georgiana out of her gloom? What kind of suitor can match with Mary?

I really enjoyed catching up with all these girls in this anthology. If you are into exploring the same sort of serenity you get from visiting old friends, this is the book for you. I really enjoyed Georgiana’s story the best, but Kitty, Anne, Mary, and Maria were fun, too. We get to meet Charles Bingley’s brother, Nathanael, and witness a return visit from Colonel Fitzwilliam.

I think the coolest thing about this anthology is that even though it is a group of stories all about Pemberley, the author captured each of the girl’s personalities so well in the individual stories, that you would have thought they were written by different people. I also liked meeting the new gentlemen who were not in Pride and Prejudice originally. And what a shock when Denny showed up at the end. He’s not a character I would have thought anyone would have written about.

This was a delightful continuation of one of the best love stories of all time, showing us that even their friends could have happily ever afters.

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