Review: Rogue in My Arms by Celeste Bradley

roguinmarmscoverRogue in My Arms is a steamy Romance from St. Martin’s Historical Romance.  For those of you who like series’ or crossover books it’s also  part of a set. This is the second novel, but I didn’t know that until I started reading it. I wasn’t really missing anything from the first novel that I could tell. This book was pretty good to standalone on its own. But now, I have to find the others!

Sir Colin Lambert is a gentleman who  may be the father of a poor orphan girl named Melody. If he is, then her mother is Chantal, an exotic, theater diva who’s on the run. When Colin takes Melody with him to try and search for her mother and make an honest woman of her, he runs into Chantal’s seamstress, Pru. Seems Chantal didn’t pay her wages before she left and Pru is pretty hot about it, especially since she is supporting her younger brother. Hiring Pru and her brother to watch over Melody, take care of his horse, and accompany him on the trip, Colin thinks he’s got a pretty good chance of catching his lost love. Only, he doesn’t count on Pru being as enticing as she is.

This was a pretty steamy romance novel so if you’re into just sweet love you should steer away. Colin and Pru’s connection is intoxicatingly addictive. From the first moment they kiss, you can feel the fire between them. With lines like…

“His traitorous lap really enjoyed the entire experience.”


“The last time they had been thus, he had not been able to keep from ravaging her to the limits of her permission.”

I really enjoyed just reading how the author put  things. The erotic scenes are well done and appealing while the true love that blossoms between them keeps you reading and wanting to find out what will happen in the story. Whether it’s traveling with Gypsy performers, acting out pirate stories for the kids, or battling real pirates for their freedom, you’ll want to see how this gem turns out. I can’t wait to read her other books in this series.

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