First Love, Episode 19: A Matter of Trust

Now on Vella! A new Sweet Dreams spinoff!
♥ First Love, Episode 19: A Matter of Trust
♥ Will Michelle trust Luke to tell her his secret?
♥ Or will she freak out before he can?


First Love takes place in the same world as the Sweet Dreams Musical Romance series. This is a new couple, so you don’t have to read any of the other stories to enjoy this one, but if you are already a Sweet Dreams fan, you may see cameos of your favorite characters. Michelle, Kita, and Lexi are a bit younger than the Sweet Dreams gang, but they live in the same town, so places may seem familiar, too. I’ll be releasing new episodes of First Love weekly, so check back for more and I hope you enjoy it. If you’re new to the Vella experience, know that you can read via Amazon or on your Kindle app. Follow and “thumbs up” by scrolling again when you reach the bottom of the page. Following will give you alerts when new episodes go live and giving a thumbs up to each episode will tell me you enjoyed it and would like to read more. You can even “fave” the story once a week and I might get a crown on my cover!


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