New Book: Undecided in PRINT!

cropped-undecided2banner.pngNEW FICTION FROM EMMY Z. MADRIGAL!


Cynthia Porter is dealing with much more than any high school girl should be asked to withstand. She’s at odds with her current love interest, famous boy bander Derek Montgomery. Her mother is verbally abusive and violent, pushing Cynthia out of the house. Her best friend can’t even console her, since she’s recovering from a bad weekend injury. Living out of a gym bag, Cynthia stays with any friends who will take her in, but things don’t make her life any easier when she starts hooking up with random guys.

Victoria Knox, recovering from her kidnapping injury, finds her boyfriend can’t stop blaming himself for letting her get hurt. She just wants to put the whole mess behind her and get on with her singing career.

There are only six more months to the freedom of graduation. Can the girls make it without losing their way?



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