21 Questions with Character: Lord Harrington

Lord Harrington answers 21 questions with Meant to Be Press.

Meant to Be Press

cropped-mtb3Lord Harrington is the lead male in Lord Harrington’s Lost Doe. Affectionately called “Mr. Grumpy” by those who know him best, he is the owner of a massive estate in Northern England.

  1. What is your favorite drink?
  2. What is your usual breakfast?
    Turtulong, marmalade, tea
  3. What is your favorite holiday like?
    A quiet one, spent at home with just family.
  4. What is your favorite feast?
    Venison, asparagus, rarebit, port
  5. What is your favorite animal?
    My horse
  6. What is your favorite thing you own?
    Denwood, my estate. I’ve worked hard to bring it back from ruin.
  7. What is your favorite city?
    London, I suppose, but that’s not saying much.
  8. What is the best thing about London?
    Leaving it.
  9. What is the worst thing about London?
    The smell.
  10. What is the biggest difference between London and Denwood?
    The crowds.
  11. Where would you like to travel?
    Not keen on travelling. Being…

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Contemporary Romance: Sweet Dreams Musical Romance


Although this blog is dedicated mostly to Regency and Historical fiction, I thought perhaps some of you cross over and would enjoy hearing about my Contemporary Romance series, the Sweet Dreams Musical Romance Series.

sweetdreamsbignewAt twenty-one, Rob Malloy is a successful San Francisco entertainment manager and has achieved more than most men twice his age. Wealthy and famous for closing any deal, he may seem to have everything a man could want. However, he longs to meet a woman he can share his life with.

Victoria Knox is a poor eighteen year old student who dreams of nothing but becoming a singer. Dating is the last thing on her mind when she accidentally bumps into Rob in an airport gift shop on Christmas day. Instant attraction draws them to one another, despite their different lifestyles. Looking as if he stepped out of a GQ ad, Rob exudes high class and money. Victoria is convinced he is too good for her, but Rob is immediately attracted to how she freely shares her innocently opinionated views. He likes her down to earth personality that is such a breath of fresh air compared to the gold digging socialites he is normally plagued with.

In this love story, Rob introduces Victoria to a high society world where she meets the rich and famous. For the first time she dares to believe her dream of becoming a singing star is possible through Rob’s industry connections. However, Rob is different from anyone she has ever met and she fears she won’t fit into his world. Her mother adds fuel to Victoria’s misgivings by questioning Rob’s intentions. Though sincere, Rob may have trouble convincing his country club parents that Victoria is a proper match. Join Rob and Victoria as they battle social class lines, parental disapproval and ghosts from their pasts to prove to others and themselves that their love is meant to last.

starstruck omtbetter tlsmall sweetdreamsbignew undecided1







Rob and Victoria’s story may start on Christmas day, but it continues in the novels:
Star Struck, True Love, Undecided, One More Try, and coming soon…2B with U, Anything 4 U, and Life and Death.

There is also a companion book written from Rob’s perspective of the first book.

Robert W. Malloy’s Journal, Uncensored


You know Robert Malloy as the sexy business man who swept Victoria Knox off her feet. Here’s a glimpse into his thoughts with the unauthorized publication of his personal journal. What does he really think about Victoria and those intimate moments spent together? Experience Sweet Dreams exclusively through Rob’s eyes, uncensored.

*A companion to Sweet Dreams Volume #1*

You can listen to the free podcasts, buy the text books, or visit the extras area (where you can play with an interactive map of San Francisco and see author sketches of book locations) at SweetDreamsNovel.com

Review: The Most to Lose by Laura Landon

mostoloseThe Most to Lose by Laura Landon is a beautiful tale of longing.

Cecelia has loved Jonah since she was just a young girl running along behind her brother’s best friend, but when Jonah and her brother get into a fight over another woman, she thinks she’ll never see him again. Cece’s brother hopes he never does. He misunderstands a situation that might cause him to lose his friend forever.

My favorite scene is one that Laura does the best…the entrance of the male love interest. The way she crafts the scene, describing his entrance, his manly stance, his fierce expression, and how the room takes him in – it’s magic.

The men in this tale are so contradictory, yet so much alike it’s easy to see how they were friends once upon a time. And the villain in this book, who only appears in one scene, is someone you will love to hate. It is interesting to note that she writes villains that are selfish, spoiled women and dastardly, evil men, who lived long ago, but I’ll bet they resemble people you know today.

Laura has a way of presenting a most dire situation, setting up believable characters, and then mixing them all together into a tale that can keep you captivated from beginning to end. Her heroines are strong, smart, opinionated gals who fight for what they believe in, even if it goes against society’s acceptable behavior. I also really enjoy how she is able to create male characters that, although they may be misunderstood by some, truly try to do the right thing.

I have been a fan of Laura’s work fro some time now. Laura seems to have a diverse talent that makes each one of her books different, each one a sparkling gem on her charm bracelet of work. Romances are so often formulaic, but Laura’s characters and settings make you forget the formula and just read.

Bravo Laura! I loved this book. Now on to the next! 🙂

Review: Mr. Darcy’s Christmas by Elizabeth Aston

darcyxmasIf there is one character I’d love to see matched up and taken care from the original Pride and Prejudice book, it is Georgiana. Such a sweet and tortured girl deserves someone to love and to love her. Even after all the Wickham nonsense, it’s miraculous that she still believes in love at all.

In Mr. Darcy’s Christmas, Georgiana is at Pemberley, preparing for the festive holiday and knowing it will be the last one with her in household. She’s got herself engaged and in the New Year, will become someone’s wife with a house of her own.

Her fiancé is a good man named Mr. Moresby, whose only fault is having a passing fancy for Caroline Bingley before meeting Georgiana. Although Darcy and Elizabeth have their doubts Mr. Moresby will make her happy, Georgiana knows he will take care of her and keep her safe as Mr. Wickham never could. However, when conniving Miss Bingley arrives for Christmas celebrations, all bets are off. She had Mr. Moresby first and is determined to win him back at all costs.

Will Georgianna survive a cutting attack on her own turf and what part does her childhood friend, Sir Giles Hawkins play in the game?

I absolutely adore this tale. Not only did it star my favorite supporting character, Georgiana, it gave me insight on how she adores the holidays and shows she will stick up for herself if need be. I was also interested to find out what she would do when faced with the whole nasty Wickham affair. I was cheering for Georgiana the entire book.

I have and will always be an Elizabeth Aston fan and finding these little novellas after her death was like a present reserved just for me.

What is your favorite Elizabeth Aston work?

Review: The Painted Fan by Elizabeth Aston

fanThe Painted Fan is another great Pride and Prejudice-inspired short story by Elizabeth Aston.

Anna is a young miss in her first season and she instantly falls for the charming and handsome Mr. Standish. He seems to be really interested in her until one day when the switch is turned off. What did she do? What was he told and why is he suddenly interested in another girl? Maybe his colleague Mr. Vere has something to do with it?

When she over hears a piece of juicy espionage, will Anna be able to use her natural quick wit to not only solve the case, but catch one of the slipperiest traitors to the crown?

I enjoyed the inquisitiveness of Anna and how even though everyone around her dismissed her as a brainless noob to high society and world affairs, she managed to prove she had brains. I was also surprised at a few twists in this book. People weren’t who or what I thought they were and that was fun in a genre flooded with predictable plots.

I have and will always be an Elizabeth Aston fan and finding these little shorts after her death was like a present reserved just for me.

What is your favorite Elizabeth Aston work?

Lord Harrington’s Lost Doe, now on Kindle! #ilovemrgrumpy

I’m excited to announce my first Regency book,
Lord Harrington’s Lost Doe
is now available on Kindle!

LHLDNewFrontLord Alexander Harrington’s life is rather tame until a shoeless, coatless waif is found wandering his estate with no memory of who she is. Despite his stoicism, Lord Harrington finds himself drawn to the lost girl who he compares to a scared doe. Caring for her illness despite speculation of her mental state, he develops feelings for her.

Is she an escaped lunatic, or simply a lost woman desperately in need of his help? A revelation about his own family’s history with the mental asylum down the road causes him to question his feelings. When a massive fire breaks out on estate grounds, will he lose her forever?

California Event: Con-Volution 2016

Meet Emmy Z. (Emerian Rich) at Con-Volution!

Emz Newz

Come celebrate monsters with us!cropped-2016convoageofmonsters_withdates-100px

Con-Volution is an annual 3-day science fiction, fantasy, and media convention featuring guests, performers and vendors from a wide spectrum of the speculative fiction industry and community.

emzCome meet Emerian Rich as she discusses podcasting, monsters, and horror!
Hyatt SFO
1333 Bayshore Highway
Burlingame, California, USA 94010

Podcasting 101: How to Get Heard

Friday 5:00pm, Parlor 2036 (Hyatt Regency SFO)

Want to start a podcast, but have no idea how to start? Our podcasting pros will give you the lowdown, and help you figure out how to get yourself on the cast!

Ric Bretschneider (M), Emerian Rich, Daniel Cortopassi

Monsters In the Mirror

Friday 9:00pm, SandPebble C (Hyatt Regency SFO)

Reflecting societal fears in genre fiction and media, and why it’s important to us.

Emerian Rich, Robyn Bennis, Margaret McGaffey Fisk (M), Sumiko Saulson, Setsu

Devilishly Daring- Demonic Monsters

Saturday 12:00pm, SandPebble D (Hyatt Regency SFO)

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