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Free Inspirational Romance Excerpt – Love Comes to Kenneth’s Valley

In the new book I’m in, Meant to Be…INSPIRED, a colleague of mine shares a tender story about a man who has been widowed and must learn to love again. Read a free excerpt of her story “Love Comes to Kenneth’s Valley” below.

 Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. ― Plato

Take a journey through five melody-infused worlds where music inspires love to bloom.

“Tempo of Temptation” by Lela Bay / Regency
Perhaps it is best that Mr. Leon doesn’t recall Petra’s mortifying declaration of love. Could their intense attraction during an impromptu midnight concert inspire her to risk her heart again?

“Contact High” by Emmy Z. Madrigal / New Adult

Raul’s addiction is just another symptom of the hard life he’s been dealt but when Victoria sings, his troubles fade into the background. Can her music inspire him to get clean?

“Her Immortal Beloved” by M.M. Genet / Historical

Beethoven’s plan is to write the ultimate love song that transcends all time for his beloved. Will the woman of his heart let his music inspire her?

“Rick Prince and the Manhattan Muse” by Naching T. Kassa / Steamy

Heart-broken musician, Rick Prince, is inspired by the beautiful single-mother, Zella. He has no idea she holds a secret from his past which may tear them apart.

“Love Comes to Kenneth’s Valley” by Kate Nox / Inspirational

Grayson Greer motivates his congregation through music, but after the death of his wife, the pastime is shrouded in pain. Can Rachel’s love inspire him to move on?

**Read Free Excerpt Below**

“Love Comes to Kenneth’s Valley”

by Kate Nox

On Thursday afternoon, Grayson drove through the stone gate at Camp Ivy Glen. Finding the small house where he would stay for the weekend, he tossed his duffel on the bed in the smaller room. He’d leave the bigger room for his son, Arron, and his wife. Entering the kitchen, he found a basket of fruit and home-baked muffins on the table. Beside the basket was a note on a tent card. He recognized the writing.

Pastor Greer,

Enjoy these while you visit with your family this weekend. There are some soft drinks and bottled water in the fridge.

I’m staying in cabin twelve if you need anything. In the meantime, please know I am praying for you and your family as you minister through music this weekend. I know many people will be blessed.


He picked up a muffin and breathed in, enjoying its aroma. He recognized the familiar scent of what she called “Peaches and Cream” muffins. She was fond of baking and often brought baked goods for the church staff to enjoy.

Remarkable woman. Not only was she a beautiful brunette that lit up any room she walked into, she was also the most efficient woman he’d ever met.

He placed the muffin in the basket to save for later. How did she accomplish everything? The women’s ministry at the church was very active and well run. In addition, she managed to oversee the visitation ministry, often making visits herself. Yet, never had she turned down a request for help from him, even when he asked her to redo the pink master bedroom he had inherited from the former pastor and his wife. How surprised he had been when he returned home from a week away on business and found a thoroughly comfortable, masculine place to sleep.

He wanted to thank her for her thoughtfulness and prayers, but knew she wouldn’t be arriving from the airport until almost dinner time. A knock on the door drew his attention from thoughts of Rachel Williams.

Answering the door, he was greeted by his older brother, Eli. They could be twins, except for Eli’s hair, which was thinning on top.

“Hey, we wondered if you were here yet. Good to see you, Brother!” They hugged and sat down in the kitchen. Grayson offered his brother a muffin and a soda.

“You baked muffins?” Eli asked.

“Not me!” Grayson exclaimed. “My women’s pastor, Rachel Williams.”

“Oh, Rachel, yeah. She’s the one who called about our flight arrangements. I talked to her several times. Nice gal.”

“Yeah, she jumped right in when I asked her to help with all this. You’ll meet her this evening. She’s picking up Laney at the airport and then coming down. They’ll be here for dinner.”

Eli glanced at the note next to the basket. “We got a note like this in the house we’re staying in. But we didn’t get muffins.”

Grayson smiled. “She managed all the details of getting the whole family here from all over the country. This would never have been possible without her.”

“I’m interested to meet this miracle worker of a woman.”

Read more in Meant to Be…INSPIRED.